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Laptop broken hinges Repair Christchurch $140

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With the regular movement of Laptop LCD, Flap hinges can become loose or broken. Most often, we see damage occurring from customers opening the lid from either of the sides of the screen instead of the middle part. If you notice your laptop lid opens extremely easily, or the screen won't stay in a specific position, it's time to consider hinge repair.

Laptop hinges already loose?  Make sure to keep the laptop in a position that doesn't inflict further damage.

Broken hinges can damage not only the body of your laptop it's also can damage wifi cables, LCD cable, wed camera cable, power socket connection with the motherboard, or motherboard. Any of these damages can completely destroy your laptop.

Most common signs of broken or loose Laptop hinges

  • Laptop flap does not shut properly

  • The flap of the laptop makes a sound while operating

  • The screen of laptop struggles to carry its own weight

Damage to the hinges of your laptop can happen because

  • You dropped your laptop

  • You dropped something heavy on your laptop

  • You opened or closed the laptop incorrectly

  • Normal wear and tear on the hinge

If your device is not repairable, you will not be charged.

LaptopFixNz  Hinges repair service comes with a 90-day warranty.
Depending on the model of your computer the repair usually takes 1-2 business days

Our rates are very competitive we only charge $70 per hour.

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We can fix your laptop

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