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A Hard Drive can be used to store any data, including pictures, music, videos, text documents, and any files created or downloaded. Also, Hard Drives store files for the operating system and software programs that run on the computer.

When do I need to replace my Hard Disk

  •    HDD making grinding, clicking, or other noises that it didn't use to make.

  •    Warning message from windows that you need to run"check disk utility".

  •    Question mark folder when starting up your MAC.

  •    System freezing or slow.

  •    Spinning wheel frequently while executing applications.

  • OS working slow. 

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Hard Drive Upgrade from $130

Price list

All prices are excluding parts and DATA recovery and new OS installation services.



Desctop/all in one



from $250

iMac 2012-2015

iMac 2011 or earlie


MacBook Air


MacBook Pro


LaptopFixNZ Hard Drive upgrade comes with a 90-day warranty.
Depending on the model of your computer the repair usually takes 1-2 business days

Our rates are very competitive we only charge $70 per hour.

Computer Processor

We can fix your laptop

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